The Reflector

October 31, 2008

The Reflector carries an extraordinary Human Design. They make-up just 1% of the worlds’ population and are wholly different from the way the other 99% of human beings operate.

Reflectors have no energy or awareness Centers turned on and activated at birth. Every Center in their design is completely white. As a result, they give off an illusion about themselves that has nothing to do with who they really are.

On the face of it, with all those inactive centers, it would seem that a Reflector is constantly taking in other peoples’ energies and emotions. Without any reliable patterns of their own.

If we were talking about any other type of human being this would indeed be the case. An open inactivated center is always vulnerable to the affects of other people.

But the fundamental difference with a Reflector is the nature of their electromagnetic aura. Our human aura represents the holistic energy field that uniquely surrounds each and every one of us. This aura is our personal electromagnetic signature and tells every living thing around us what we are all about. This aura extends up to 3 meters around the entire circumference of our body. Having an aura also gives us the ability to read and interpret other people’s auras.

The Reflector aura is a ‘resistant’ aura that does two things uniquely. Firstly it samples or ‘tastes’ the auras of the people around it by taking in only a little piece of what it receives. Secondly it reflects back all of what it receives from the other person.

This resistant aura works as a protection mechanism for the Reflector. Protection from being overwhelmed by the emotions and energies of the other people around them.

It is also what makes the Reflector seem like a chameleon to the rest of us. A chameleon that just blends in with whatever is around it. Reflectors become their environment. They do this quite naturally but often feel invisible to others because of it.

Other people will always see aspects of themselves when they meet a Reflector; so Reflectors need to be aware of whom they are in a relationship with.   A Reflector should watch themselves interact with other people to see what negative and positive aspects those people will bring to a relationship.

If the person with the Reflector is positive and happy the Reflector will reflect that. But if they are corrupt or manipulative then they will also reflect that behaviour!

So Reflectors should spend some time becoming aware of what is actually them and what they are reflecting.  It will take some practice and it is only over time that they will get to know their real selves.

Reflectors are walking around in a protective auric ‘bubble’ which doesn’t connect deeply at all to other people. And this makes personal relationships more difficult for Reflectors than for the rest of us. The closest any other aura comes to the Reflector is the Manifestor aura.

The Manifestor doesn’t ‘sample’ and ‘reflect’ the auras of other people it ‘repels’ those auras. However, just like the Reflector, the Manifestor aura is designed as a resistant protective shield from the auras of other people.

The Planets

A major factor that really makes Reflectors different is the profound effect the movement of the planets has on their daily lives. This is what their resistant aura cannot protect them against.

The planets transiting through their regular orbits activate and de-activate gates in all of our designs continually. But only Reflectors feel these effects deeply.

Non-Reflectors only receive a small taste of the effects of these transiting planets. They just get to experience a little of the energies and emotions made possible by teh transit of the planets.

But Reflectors get the Full Monty! They feel all the energetic effects of the planets profoundly.

Some say that this is the most important thing that Reflectors are really here for. They are here to show all of us the full human effects of the movement of the planets on a continual basis.

Gate activations coming via other people within the Reflector aura have very little impact on Reflectors at all. But gate activations coming via other people within the rest of the types has a major impact on them. Similarly, the planet movements have a limited and shallow effect on non-Reflectors but a major effect on Reflectors.

Reflectors operate in a totally opposite way to the other 99% of the world.


Reflectors have no decision making area within themselves that they can rely on.

Generators can rely on their sacral center for decision making. People with Splenic Center decision making authority can rely on the spontaneity of their decisions. Those with an activated Solar Plexus Center need to wait for absolute clarity through their emotional wave before making any decision but they can still rely on it to be there for them. Even people with heart or self centers holding sway for their decisions have a reliable if more delicate mechanism. But Reflectors? They have no Center activations at all. How are Reflectors supposed to make reliable decisions for their lives?

Reflectors, uniquely, have a very close relationship with the moon. They live in a time zone all their own. It is a lunar cycle time zone. It is this closeness to the moon that offers the Reflector an ability to make decisions reliably. But in order to be correct the Reflector needs to wait out the entire 28 day lunar cycle before making a decision. And of course this is a very difficult thing to do!

But it is important for Reflectors to not allow themselves to be rushed into making decisions.  When someone finds out that they are a Reflector for the first time they should begin the process of explaining to other people that it is not healthy for them to be rushed in their process.

It is also helpful for Reflectors to monitor the daily transit of the planets and the impact this will have on them for that day. The daily transit chart shows the gate activations in all human beings for that day as a result of the current position of the planets. These activations (depending on the gates involved) can activate centers, form channels or add additional active gates to an existing center.

So, when the daily chart is that of a Manifestor, that is who the Reflector will be. Or a Generator or a Projector.

Reflectors can really use this to their advantage. By looking ahead in time at the transit charts for future days the Reflector will know exactly how energetic or not they will be feeling. So they can select their Manifestor, Generator and Manifesting Generator days when they need to really productive! And maybe not commit so much on the Projector days.

The important thing for the Reflector to remember is that this transit is not who they really are, they are just reflecting.  The most reliable aspect of a Reflectors personality will be their profile and motivational Color. These aspects of the Reflector are not affected by transiting planets or people moving in and out of the Reflector aura.

Reflectors will also find it helpful to talk to others and listen objectively to the feedback during their 28 day process of making any decision.  They should also try to have the same conversation with different people to see the different responses and possibilities to any situation.

Four of the most important decisions a Reflector will need to make correctly in life are:

1 – Where they live

2 – Who they live with

3 – Where they work

4 – Who they work with

They reflect the community and the health of the community and environment around them.

If the community they live within is supportive and nourishing they will blossom and flourish. If it isn’t, life can become very disappointing for the Reflector.

If Reflectors really master their human designs they have the chance to become the wisest and most objective people amongst us.


The Projector

October 30, 2008

Before modern times, Projectors have always been at the bottom of the leadership ladder. The one thing that really didn’t matter in those days was intelligence. The power and energy of Manifestors ruled the day and Projectors have never been equipped to win that game.

Today, Projectors, who as a group are 22% of the worlds’ population, sit at the top of the natural leadership hierarchy.Their true role is to guide the energy types (Manifestors, Generators and Manifesting Generators) in the most efficient use of their energy resources.

Projectors have an inherent ability to understand others. They are the masters of reading and managing energy efficiently. It is because of their center openness that they can take in and read the energy of others. Gradually, over time, the Projectors’ ability to read and recognize this energy gives them the wisdom to guide others in the most efficient use of their energies, gifts and talents.

Projectors are also great at organizing others and at networking. They know how to bring the right people to the job to accomplish a specific task and they also know how to maintain harmony in the world.

For these reasons Projectors are the ideal leaders, administrators and guides for the modern democratic world that we live in. Projectors just have this innate, natural ability to recognize the potential and talent of other people and to be able to offer guidance to them.

Our world needs many different types of guides and the Projector group mirrors this. Projectors, as a type, carry the most variation of inner authority than any of the other types of human being. You can meet emotional Projectors, Splenic Projectors, Self Projected Projectors, Mental Projectors and Ego Projected Projectors. As a group they are ably equipped to read and guide every variation of energy type!

The projector is the most ‘personal’ and up close type of human being too. This is because of the nature of their aura. Our human aura represents the holistic energy field that uniquely surrounds each and every one of us.

This aura is our personal electromagnetic signature and tells every living thing around us what we are all about. Our aura extends up to 3 meters around the entire circumference of our body. Having an aura also gives us the ability to read and interpret other people’s auras. That ‘feeling’ you get when you like or dislike someone at the first meeting? That is your aura doing its job and alerting all your senses!

In fact, it is the particular nature of the Projector aura that gives the Projector their name. This aura ‘Projects’ outwards towards other people and is ‘Projected’ upon by other people. Projectors get noticed in other words!

The Projector aura is very focused on the other people that they meet. Projectors don’t focus on groups. They focus on one individual at a time. The Generator aura envelops the entire group around them. But the Projector aura focuses on one person at a time. When you meet a Projector, you meet someone who will focus on you like a laser beam!

Most types of Projector have the majority of their Centers inactivated. They are white in other words. This means that Projectors take in and reflect back other people’s energy from these white Centers. Not only do they reflect this energy back they also amplify it! So it often appears that they are the energy dynamo!

It is always important for Projectors to notice the energy dynamic they feel when they are in a group of people. This is actually the energy dynamic of the group itself not the Projector generating their own heightened energy. That pseudo-energy the Projector feels will disappear as soon as the energy types have left the group.  When this happens the Projectors find they no longer have the energy for work; in fact, they are usually exhausted!

Projectors live in a world of busy people. Generators and Manifesting Generators make-up 70% of the worlds’ population. Energy types are the overwhelming majority. So most Projectors are never too far from the aura of an energy type! Their white Centers are taking in, amplifying and reflecting this abundant energy almost constantly so the Projector can, over time, get completely burnt out and may need a long break or a period of rest away from everyone.

Projectors who ignore these levels of exhaustion and feel resentful because they cannot continue at the same pace as before are usually heading towards some form of sickness and physical breakdown.

Most adult Projectors who live in an environment of busy energy types will end up overwhelmed and exhausted unless they truly understand what it means to be a Projector. Don’t try and keep up with the busy bees! Just say to yourself: “What are they really being busy about” “Is it effective?” “Is it efficient?” “Is it intelligent?” Or “are they just spinning their wheels and looking busy”. These energy types need intelligent guides and the Projector cannot guide them if they are exhausted with trying to keep up all the time.

Projectors need a lot of rest because they take in and reflect so much energy during their day.  An energy type like the Manifesting Generator or the Generator will become exhausted at the end of the day and just go to bed. A Projector feels that place of being exhausted frequently during a busy day too and often may not have time to stop and rest.  So they carry on beyond that point of being tired.

Because this has happened so often in their life, some Projectors find it difficult to stop at the end of the day and go to bed.  We are all taught and told to be “doers” from a very early age, so adult Projectors have a difficult time breaking the pattern of this habitual and learned way of being.

Projectors do need to practice going to bed an hour earlier than they think they need to though! They should just rest, read, watch TV, listen to some music, unwind and relax.  It gives their body time to really wind down and release the collected energy whirling around their system and settle, so that they can sleep.  Lying flat whilst resting helps 70% of our genetic functions to rest and regenerate, sleeping helps all of them.  Ideally, a Projector should try and be outside of anyone aura whilst they are resting! Otherwise their white centers will keep on taking in what is around them.

Projector as Guide

Projectors cannot just direct anyone. They must understand and remember that their strategy for life is to “wait until you are recognized and invited” by someone else. Only when Projectors are correct and wait for this invitation to impart their undoubted intelligence and wisdom, will their own life be correct.

Having said that, most Projectors are usually more interested in other people than themselves so they love to jump in and try to help people without being invited! This is an admirable quality, but it is the Projector who will end up feeling unappreciated, exhausted and bitter when they are not appreciated for doing this.

The familiar Projector lament is: “What if I am not recognized and invited?” “Surely I should do something to make this happen?”

Well, in truth, there is nothing for the Projector to do until they are first recognized and invited by the right person. It is in the design of the Projector to be noticed so they should have faith in that.

Projectors are genetically coded via their aura to have other people recognize and approach them. So they just need to relax and wait for the right person to come along. And they will! When the Projector relaxes and stays silent, that Projector aura does all the talking and brings the invitation of others.

It is so important for Projectors to understand that if they succumb to this fear of not being recognized and force the pace with other people they are not only wasting their precious and limited energy resources but they are also missing the real opportunities.

The Projector will never find what is right for them by jumping in and trying to make things happen.

A Projector needs the right person in their life not just any old person.

How does the Projector know if someone is right for them? Other people recognize, approach, and invite them! Until that happens no one is worth wasting that precious Projector energy and wisdom on.

Some Projectors do not have a consistently reliable way of making decisions and others have very gentle and delicate inner authorities. The truth is some Projectors can be very spontaneous with decisions; others will need to wait a week before they can make a decision and others will have to wait longer, have discussions with others and seek feedback before they come to any conclusive decision with any clarity.

So, it is even more critically important to wait for that recognition and that right invitation because it can greatly reduce the potential for incorrect decisions for a Projector.

Projectors should not take this “wait for the invitation” to extremes though! In fact, if the Projector only uses this strategy for the major turning points in their life it will pay huge dividends for the Projector.

These turning points are the moments in the Projectors life when they must honor their strategy of waiting to be recognized first and then invited. Only then should they make a decision on whether the invitation is right for them.

So, for all Projectors:

1 – Wait for your invitation into a new love relationship

2 – Wait for your invitation to a new job, business opportunity, career or where to study

3 – Wait for your invitation to bond with others in friendship or partnership

4 – Wait for your invitation to a new home or place to live

Ultimately, true success in life for a Projector is in selecting the right people to have in their lives. Those people who truly recognize and appreciate them for who they really are. Our wise and intelligent guides.

The Generator

October 29, 2008

36% of the worlds’ population are called Pure Generators.

Generators are the people who provide continual power and life-force energy to the world. These are the people with staying power. The Sacral Center in their body is the key to their pure power. It creates the vital life-force energy required for action, living life, doing and creating.  It is also the center of our sexuality and thus ensures the continuation of our kind.

Pure Generators are people who have their Sacral Center activated and turned on all the time but have no connection to the human manifestation and expression center, the Throat Center.

Most of us have been taught, cajoled or brought up as children to believe that we must initiate action. There is this faulty belief in the world that we should all just ‘do it’. We believe that we are Manifestors and can thus do anything, anytime we want to. But that is just not true for 91% of the worlds’ population.

The greatest lesson for a generator is to learn to respond to life from their “gut.” Yes, they have energy to burn; energy to get all kinds of things done; but can they wait for their cue from the world?

If they can, then all forms of frustrations are eliminated from their lives and are replaced with a deep feeling of satisfaction. By responding from within themselves to whatever life sends their way life becomes a joyful and satisfying experience for all Generators.

Generators usually initiate action because they are fearful that nothing will happen otherwise. And this is the trap that enslaves them. If the Generator has the courage to wait they will learn very quickly that this fear is unfounded.

The endless life force energy that the Generator holds within their Sacral center is a like a super powerful magnet that draws opportunities to it through their enveloping aura. Other people crave access to that huge energy resource and the Generator does not have to wait long before other people start asking for access to this resource.

When the Generator waits for life to present itself, they become like a magnetic black hole that attracts everyone and everything to them automatically. All things will come to the Generator in their own timing – they do not need to initiate action to try and make things happen. Everything that is designed for and is right for them will be attracted automatically. Work, relationships, good fortune…everything.

Generators are designed to flow in the “now” with the current of life, taking their cues for action as they appear. Generators are not here to worry about the future. Their correct future will come automatically if they respond in the “now” to what life gives to them.

Generators, with their huge energy resources, are also here to attain mastery in life. They are here to master whatever they make a correct commitment to through responding.

One big sign that Generators should watch out for as an indication that they are responding and operating correctly is “synchronicity”. Things just magically start happening or appearing in their life automatically. They appear to be “lucky”.

It is entirely possible that those Generators who have gone out and manifested without reference to their Sacral Center may in fact have been successful but they are rarely happy, satisfied or feel fulfilled.

Often, Generators find themselves involved in projects or are committed to someone or something that does not really hold their interest or bring them fulfilment. They are just doing it because it seems like someone has to do it and they are the one with the energy! Of course, they get intensely frustrated, being the slave for someone else, giving away their power wholesale to whoever asks.

The simple but profound lesson for all Generators is to know from within themselves to whom and to what they are going to commit themselves. It has to be stressed, that Generators need to know right from the start of any activity if they are going to commit or not because once they have committed their considerable energy to something or someone, there is no turning back without considerable frustration and inconvenience.

Generators have an “on” switch but they do not have an “off” switch. If they find out after a few minutes that who or what they have just committed to does not actually suit them, it is too late to stop. That Sacral center has to follow through to completion once it has any kind of momentum. But if the Generator is desperate to stop and does quit they usually find themselves in turmoil. The very last resort for a Generator is quitting.

The importance of the Sacral Center for a Generator cannot be over-emphasised. Their strategy for living life correctly comes from how this Sacral Center is really designed to work.

The Sacral Center can only respond in the moment with a “yes” or “no” answer. It doesn’t use words to convey these answers. It delivers sounds from deep inside the stomach area. These sounds are like grunts or growls which, when you can interpret this “yes” or “no” sound, leads the Generator to make correct decisions for their life.

The Generators job is to start to notice these sacral grunts and realise that they are your response mechanism. The Generator strategy for living their life is to wait to respond.

Some Generators become confused about the word “wait”, but when you are awake and noticing all that is going on around you, waiting simply means listening to your sacral response before you act.

For all Generators this is the key to changing their entire life, so that you live just who you are, without wasting the precious power of the Sacral Center.

When the Generator finds their sacral response, they can get the “yes” or “no” that is necessary for them to move forward with their life.  This response may come in the form of a grunt, “uhuh”, or “unhuh” or it may just be a feeling, a lifting or a deflation.  The Generator needs to be very familiar with their sacral response, and they need time to check in with it.  The answer may not come immediately.

All Generators reach a level where they get stuck.  They feel a barrier and sometimes turn back.  If you have responded correctly then it is important for you to push through this barrier so that you can get to the next level.  It is almost as if it is a test, so that you have the chance to ask your Sacral Center, again, if this is what you really want.  Pushing through the barrier will confirm to you that you are on the right track.

Generators are the workers and can become slaves if they do not listen to their Sacral Center. A Manifestor will always initiate and expect the Generator to be his “do-er”.  A Projector will try to latch on to Generator power in a similar way.

So, Generators must remember to check with their Sacral Center before they consent to just “do” what the Manifestor, Projector or any other type suggests. They must become aware and stop living on “auto-pilot”. That is why the Generator is considered to be a natural slave. They sleep walk into giving their energy away to everyone else, instead of listening to their inner wisdom; their Sacral Center.

Most Generators are living a repetitive toil of “the daily grind”; just trudging on with making a living.  But they always have a gnawing discontentment and frustration within them that they are here for another purpose.

All a Generator needs to do is respond correctly and their purpose will find them.

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The Manifestor

October 28, 2008

Some 9% of the world’s population are categorized as a manifestor in human design terms.


I am a manifestor and possibly you are one too? You can check by getting a free chart from


Manifestors often feel different from other people and often wonder why. They have access to incredible power which can be turned on suddenly and without warning. This can sometimes frighten other people and at times, even the manifestor themselves!  


Manifestors have to be in control of their lives and really hate anyone to tell them what to do or how to do it.  They need as much freedom as possible to live their life and to carve out their own destiny according to their own rules. They are not here to wait, they are here to initiate and have impact on others and the world around them. If they don’t get the freedom of action that they need then watch out!

As a child many manifestors were restricted by parents, teachers and other significant adults in their lives who thought that they were either troublesome or difficult in some way. The response of these adults was to try and control the manifestor child either physically (by restricting their freedom of movement) or with very strict rules. Unfortunately, they thought they were taking care of and helping the manifestor child. They had no idea that this child already knew what it wanted to do and when it wanted to do it. Of course, for all children some, rules are important but too many can also be very damaging, especially for manifestor children. For the manifestor child the creation of significant artificial restrictions by the adults in their life usually has a devastating effect on the psyche of the manifestor later in life. To the manifestor child it just felt as if they were being punished and they often grew up as very angry and often ‘misplaced’ people; distancing themselves from others.

Some manifestors go completely the other way and become people pleasers to avoid the difficult confrontations that they may have had as a child.

Neither way of living is healthy for a manifestor.

Some manifestors, particularly men, can also become violent and very angry because of being controlled and restricted as a child. They can react very strongly to anyone in their adult life who is trying to or is even perceived to be trying to control or manipulate them in some way.

Manifestors are very sensitive and ‘tuned in’ when they are allowed to be themselves.  They have a natural curiosity and are the only type that can truly initiate action freely.

Much of our world society rewards “doers” but in truth only manifestors can initiate action and ‘do something’ without having to wait in some way. And it is healthy for them to be this way! It is very unhealthy for the other 91% of the world to initiate in this way.

But even manifestors need to be involved with other people! In order to survive in a world of people who have no idea who they are and actually immediately distrust manifestors (because of their repelling aura) it is best to have a strategy to over come this.

Human Design stipulates that the ideal strategy for manifestors is to ‘inform others before you act’. Which is sensible advice? In practice this strategy to a manifestor is like putting a red rag in front of a bull!

I know several manifestors who still hate to do this because they think that they are in some way having to ask for permission to do what they want to do. Permission is something a manifestor detests having to ask for! It brings up all their childhood horror stories of control!

I always suggest to manifestors that they start informing with the phrase “I’m just letting you know…….” . Don’t use something like “Do you mind…” or “Is it ok with you….”

“I’m just letting you know…….” is what informing is all about. You are not asking permission, you are just stating a fact about what you are about to do.

So in essence this is all that the manifestor strategy requires. Just tell those affected what you are about to do and then do it!

The only difference is for child manifestors. The strategy of a child Manifestor is that they should learn to ask permission, which can then naturally become informing as they get older.

Each ‘type’ of human being has a strategy and this one for manifestors is in a way the most artificial – unlike the strategies of the other ‘types’ which are critical elements for living correctly as themselves.

Manifestors will still be able to initiate healthily whether they inform or not but what this strategy will do is reduce the confrontations that manifestors can encounter. To avoid confrontation all a manifestor has to remember is to let people know; keep people informed of your intentions and actions. This process of informing others will usually stop people from getting in the way or trying to control the manifestor because they don’t know what is coming next. Informing will also greatly reduce the manifestors own tendency toward anger because people will not be giving them as many reasons to get angry anymore.

Although this is a very useful strategy some manifestors can take it a little too far. They inform anyone and everyone. But In reality it is only desirable to inform those people that will actually be affected by your imminent action. It is not desirable at all to tell everyone all the time what you are up to!

The future for manifestors

Since the beginning of human-kind manifestors were the rulers, the law-makers and the decision makers. Power was the order of the day and manifestors always win when it comes down to displays of pure raw ‘always on’ power. They can explode with a terrific burst of energy from a state of standstill in a microsecond!

But in today’s world the emphasis is on entrepreneurs, democracy, sharing, cooperation, decentralized power. Absolute rulers are not welcome at all!

The purpose of being a manifestor seems to have been taken away and the new world order has been taken over by the other types.

Projectors are our natural guides and democratic leaders. Generators and manifesting generators are the builders who are starting to learn that they are just as powerful as manifestors if they follow their strategies effectively. Even Reflectors have value roles to play in today’s society. But manifestors? Where do they fit in now?

I think this change in the role of the pure manifestor is a real opportunity for them to evolve.

Manifestors who are born today have the opportunity to relax, be free and have fun in their lives! Instead of being the autocratic rulers they can be measured by the initiating impact they have on the world. They can initiate great projects and endeavors but will rarely stick with them right to the end. The baton usually must be passed to the generator group who have the staying power. But without the initial force and power that manifestors bring many projects would never get started in the first place.

Manifestors are still the only type of human being designed to freely initiate and with no precedent. Out of the blue, quite unexpectedly they see something and it happens. What a valuable quality to have. They can be relied upon to break out from the crowd, to break the mould, to try something new and different.

If manifestors are given this level of freedom they will really be able to bring their unique qualities into this world. Manifestors have no set pattern of work.  They are not designed to work 9 to 5 day after day until they die. The world needs people that can do that…but they are not manifestors. Manifestors can make money easily and naturally in all sorts of different and unique ways. And because of their desire not to be controlled by others they usually work for themselves eventually.

Manifestors are fast! Most manifestors find the pace of life very slow; it is as if life is in slow motion around them.  Everything, including their breathing, is faster in a manifestor body!

So fear not all you millions of manifestors out there. With the advent of global communications and infrastructure coupled to your ability to manifest freely at great speed, and alone, a world of opportunity awaits both now and in the future!

Manifestors still have a very important place in this world and (as I am sadly reading on many Internet sites) are certainly not ready to be put out to pasture and quietly retire from the world now that their place as rulers has gone!

Don’t believe that for a minute!

The manifestor is perfectly designed to operate beautifully in the complex and technologically connected world we live in!